Troop 26 is boy-led. This means that boys are the leaders of the Troop. Scouts plan, manage and lead all aspects of the Troop. Trained adult leaders actively ensure that the Scouts have a safe, secure Scouting environment and resources and guidance needed to succeed while having fun doing it!


Scouting is a values-based program that instills the values of good conduct, honesty, responsibility, reverence, and leadership. A boy who spends one year in a Scout Troop will learn lifetime skills, basic outdoor skills, self-reliance, and how to get along with others. Scouting will prepare him to live a more productive and fulfilling life. 


Troop 26 operates using the “Patrol Method.” Using the Patrol Method, a Scout Troop is organized into smaller units, called Patrols, all led by older Scouts.  Together they plan the Troop’s program, and make it a reality.  By allowing Scouts to run the program they learn much more than skills - Scouts learn leadership and teamwork!

“The Patrol Method is not a way to operate a Boy Scout Troop, it is the only way. Unless the Patrol Method is in operation, you don’t really have aBoy Scout Troop.”

~ Lord Baden Powell, Founder of Scouting

Troop Activities

Troop 26 is an active outdoor Troop that does historic hikes, monthly overnight activities, Eagle projects, service projects, week-long summer camp, and high adventure. 

Monthly Outings

 - Rock Climbing

 - Backpacking

 - Camping

 - Canoeing

 - Skiing

 - Rifle Shooting

Summer Camp

 - Second week of July! 

 - Full week of camping

 - Range of activities

 - Merit badges! 

Service projects

 - Adopt-a-highway

 - Scouting for Food

High Adventure

As Scouts get older, Troop 26 meets their need for additional adventure is met with high adventure programs. Past high adventure trips include: 

 - 10-day, 80-mile backpacking trip at Philmont Scout Reservation

 - 6-day Len-Hoksin High Adventure Camp in Goshen, VA; 

 - 8-day Double-H backpacking adventure in New Mexico. 

 - Planned high adventure activities include the 2012 Sea Base Tall Ships adventure in Florida and 2013 Northern Tier Wilderness Canoeing Expeditions in Minnesota.

Statistics show for every 100 boys who join scouting:

 1 will use his Boy Scout skills to save his life

 1 will use his Boy Scout skills to save someone else's life

 1 will enter the clergy

 4 will become Eagle Scouts

 5 will earn their religious emblem

 12 will have their first contact with a church

 17 will become Scouting volunteers

 18 will develop hobbies that will last through their adult lives

Who are Boy Scouts?

 108 of 172 Astronauts; more than 50% attained Star, Life or Eagle

 26 of the first 29 astronauts

 11 of 12 who walked on the moon

 85% of airline pilots

 89% of senior class presidents   

 72% of Rhodes Scholars

 65% of college graduates

 85% of FBI agents

 65% of the US Congress

 67% of US Military Academy graduates